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Aatmdeep is a community of tight-knit, administrators, staff and faculty. If you are interested to learn more about knowledge and becoming part of our teaching community, please email :  for more information.

Curriculum Vitae :
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Career objective :

Summary of skills :
** Deep knowledge of subject and strong interest in teaching
** Ability to make use of different teaching methods
** Capability to maintain the relationship with students as well as inspire them
** Highly skilled in planning the strategies and applying them for the development of students
** Strong interpersonal as well as organizational skills
** Ability to discuss with students on their academic problems
** Capability to provide the solutions regarding subject

Educational Qualification :
**PG, UG, Higher Secondary & High School Details

Experience Profile :

Responsibilities :
** Preparing lesson plans, delivering lectures, and engaging the students in discussion process
** Offering guidelines to every individual for his/her development
** Inspiring students, getting them into discussions, and developing their skill sets
** Arranging competitions so the students can enjoy the teaching process
** Applying the different teaching methods of subject so that teaching process won’t be monotonous for the students

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