Our Primary Wing


“Our Elementary School is a fun, creative and inclusive place for young people to learn about and explore the world around them. Indoor and outdoor areas were designed to enhance the learning experience by challenging students to engage and take risks through study and play. Technology, Indian Studies programs, extracurricular and community involvement support our students’ achievements both inside and outside the classroom.”


In the context of Aatmdeep Vidyalaya Primary Years Programme students learn through meaningful and connected tasks using an inquiry-based, concept-driven transdisciplinary approach.

Students apply their knowledge to think, reflect, analyze, problem solve and evaluate.
Learning takes place in relevant contexts, and expectations are discussed to engage and guide students in and out of the classroom.

AV’s Elementary School program seeks to develop the intellectual, social and emotional, physical and aesthetic potential of each child along with moral sensitivity. Our philosophy is to help students reach their full potential as individuals in the global community. Learning is considered from a strength-based perspective and learning diversity is valued as a rich resource for building inclusive communities.

Primary Years Programme

As a leading CBSE school in Gorakhpur, AV teaches Elementary School students within the PYP framework — where we demonstrate our commitment to structured inquiry as the main vehicle for learning through relevant, real-world contexts. As such, students have countless opportunities to grow through their discoveries and experiences. Working as a team, we are confident that students will gain the knowledge, skills and understanding to contribute positively to their future communities.


Early Childhood Program

Our program is inspired by the early childhood schools. Learning is based on innovative strategies and is influenced by a strong image of young children as intelligent, creative and resourceful. We create a learning community made of students, their parents and teachers who collaborate and develop knowledge by listening carefully to each other.